The challenge ...

... is to discover the character of each and every ingredient and through their magical combination letting them melt into an unforgettable tasty adventure ...

Welcome to Restaurant Guth!
May your tastebuds enjoy the ride.





Nothing could please us more

than getting your permission to sensatize your culinary perception. May this be at a candle-light dinner, a company event, a business lunch, a special or just any birthday or an anniversary of any kind:

We'd  love to entertain your senses.

Our love affair is not a long distance one...

... our beef comes from Bizau, our lamb from Andelsbuch, our rabbits from Lauterach, fish from our local lakes and rivers ,our veggies and herbs from regional farmers as well as from our own garden.
Since we also fancy exotic and international products and spirits-we couldn't resist but cheat a little and go global.

Here's a brief excerpt from our starters menue

  • Leaf salad, radishes and  tomatoes with pumpkinseeds - our dressing with Gölles vinegar
  • Raw goat cheese, tomato, salad hearts with basil pesto
  • Vitello tonnato with veal from Andelsbuch and caperflowers
  • Chilled cucumber soup with Gin pickles and mildly smoked salmon trout from local fishwater
  • Marinated head of veal with mustardseed-green onion dressing and quail-egg
  • Thai- vegetable salad with mango, roasted peanuts and giant prawn
  • Tripe cooked in Riesling wine, au gratin with parmesan cheese
  • Homemade tagliolini with sauteed chanterelle mushrooms, green peas and springleek
  • Soup of boiled beef with small meat-semolina or calf's liver-dumpling
  • Foamed carrot-ginger soup with darkbread croutons


We do the dishes for you...

An excerpt of our main dish menue:

  • Fillet of Bodensee whitefish with eggplant relish, lime-basil fond and olive gnocchi
  • Bodensee pike perch with pepperpeach fillets, string beans and mint
  • Rack of local veal, sauteed chanterelles, cauliflower, ravioli filled with mousse of peas
  • Entrecôte with herb butter, string beans and green onions, potatoes au gratin
  • Venison from local forests with chanterelle mushrooms, kohlrabi, potato gnocchi & celery purée 
  • Red Thai curry chicken with sugar snaps, shii-take, coriander greens & Thai rice
  • Roasted calf's liver with buttery rice or "potato-rösti", (hash browns)

An excerpt of our dessert menue:

  • Panna cotta, Bacardi, lemon caramel, raspberries, lemon sherbet
  • Variation of curd cheese, marinated Wachau-apricots, Bourbon vanilla ice cream
  • Apricot tart with lime-sour cream ice cream