Our Restaurant,

seats 65 guests or 90 (formal lenghtwise arranged tables). Either way- we make sure you have plenty of elbow space.

We want to give you the feeling of being home away from home-
a feeling like you’re visiting good friends to share a few hours of precious time

A Garden,

fit for Royalty!

A garden… - spacious, a unique treat for your eyes and promising absolute tranquillity!

We open our beautiful garden at Easter time. Up to 80 people can enjoy Lunch in the midday sun under our cherry trees- or a romantic Dinner at sundown, when the garden turns into a cool lounge.

For Lunch as well as Dinner we also offer a special a la carte menue- for a quick business lunch or just for a petite appetite.

Summer opening…

is celebrated at EXO, Scheucher’s stylish open-air time-out zone (chill zone)… designed to enjoy a before- or after Dinner drink… a glass of champagne, a light summer wine, a refreshing spumante….or some fingerfood…

EXO, a lounge for good for talks, business or private, with or without intentions… a zone to warm up to or chill out..  enjoy your own private living room in our garden.

There’s no way to get by the Bar…

without having one for the road… a quick shot… a long drink, shaken or stirred… here’s where you call it a night. It could take a little longer….